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Beirut Fashion Awards

10 Jun 2017by Beirut Fashion Week Organization

Beirut Fashion Awards is a platform created by the Beirut Fashion Week Organization (NGO) in collaboration with Ministry of Culture, Governor of Beirut, Beirut MunicipalityUniversities and European Embassies in Lebanon to provide great exposure and motivation for young emerging creative fashion and jewellery designers.

On November 4th, 2017 Beirut Fashion Week is crowned for the first time with Beirut Fashion Awards, with the support of the Belgium Embassy in Lebanon and ​​with the participation of fresh graduate students from universities “LAU’, “NDU”, “AUST”, “ESMOD”, “CAMM” and “Academy of Fashion & Design”, sponsored by Beirut Fashion Week Organization by contributing scholarship to Paris, Milan and Brussels to the first, second and third winners.

Beirut Fashion Week Organization (NGO) targets are simple yet far-reaching. We aim to provide means for the famous and established designers to inspire and empower the young upcoming designers, to reveal, encourage and support hidden talents by awarding educations and creating job opportunities as well contributing scholarships in Lebanon and Europe, in turn, to endorse the Lebanese culture and aiding the development of the fashion and Jewelry industry worldwide and outline Beirut among one of the world's leading fashion capitals.

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