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Beirut Fashion Week® is a Non-Profit and Non-Political Organization, NGO (under Ministry of Interior and Municipalities declaration No.777), officially recognized as being devoted to the assistance of those in need.

Beirut Fashion Week® is one of the biggest international events not only in Lebanon, rather in the Arab-World and the entire Middle-East. Beirut is now recognized as the 5th Fashion-City after New-York, London, Milan and Paris.

The Beirut Fashion Week Organization’s mission is simple yet far-reaching. We aim to provide means for the famous and established designers, to inspire and empower the young upcoming ones, to reveal, encourage and support hidden talents by awarding scholarships and creating job opportunities in Lebanon and Europe. Through Beirut Fashion Week’s mission, the organization endorses the Lebanese skills worldwide and aids the development of the Lebanese Fashion and Jewelry industry.
The expectations and echoes are very high which makes the organization even more proud when we see Political and Diplomatic figures uniting and supporting Beirut Fashion Week. The event is under the patronage of Prime Minister H.E. Saad Hariri, Minister of Tourism H.E. Avedis Guidanian, Minister of Culture H.E. Ghattas Khoury, Governor of Beirut H.E. Ziad Chbib, Head of Council of Beirut Municipality Arch. Jamal Itani. Beirut Fashion Week Organization are honored to get the Awards and Beirut gets the Rewards!
The Beirut Fashion Week Organization’s vision and mission, is to raise the name of Beirut City worldwide, to illustrate the real Lebanese identity and culture, as well stimulate tourism in Lebanon. Our ultimate goal is to alleviate the lives of the less fortunate people who are suffering from tuition and extreme poverty. No one is born to live uneducated, unhappily, hungry or to die as a result of poverty! Together, hand in hand we can spread world beauty and bring back the smile to thousands of people in need.
Honorary Members
Antonio Rubel
Beirut Fashion Week Organization ©

Zikar El Sakhi Maalouli
Founder / Chairman
Beirut Fashion Week Organization ©
United Arab Emirates

Rania Bou Rjeily
Head of PR & Marketing
Beirut Fashion Week Organization ©
Rita Kay
International Affairs Manager
Beirut Fashion Week Organization ©
United Kingdom
Paolo Bongia
Advisor of the Board
Paolo Bongia ©

Amelia Sullivan
Protocol & Press Attache
Beirut Fashion Week Organization ©
United Kingdom
Dan Escamilla
Legal Advisor & Head of Security
Beirut Fashion Week Organization ©
United States

Rachid Mtaini
Advisor of the Board
Havas Media ME ©
United Arab Emirates

Marc Khairallah
Executive Director
Tunes Sound of Arabia ©
United Arab Emirates

Brenda Noort
World Super Model
Brenda Noort ©

Gianluca Roberti
Fashion Model Management ©

Ecaterina Komin
World Super Model
World Super Model Organization ©

We are so proud of this event, it's a start of new era for Lebanon and new talents
President of the Council of Ministers Lebanon
I would like to salute all the Lebanese designers and I highly appreciate this international event
Member of Parliament Lebanon
Beirut is regaining its position and aspects in culture and fashion worldwide through this event
Minister of Culture Lebanon
This event has put Lebanon fashion and jewelry industry in a great image worldwide, and tourism in general
Minister of Tourism Lebanon
This event showed the real talents and lifestyle of Beirut, we will support this event every year
Governor of Beirut
Maybe we are a small country, a country with no oil and riches, but we are a nation with rich culture and natural wealth. Let the forceful countries, be fearful from our values and skills.
Founder / Chairman of Beirut Fashion Week Organisation
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